hookah flavors *ALL FLAVORS ARE AVAILABLE IN A FRESH GREEN APPLE BOWL MIX AND MATCH TO CREATE YOUR OWN FLAVOR! Fancy or Fresh Apple head on top Double Apple                                  Rose                                         Lemon                                      Cherry                                        White Grape Mango                                         Sour Apple                                  Strawberry                                                   Mint                                                  Vanilla                                              Zaghloul                                       Jasmine Al Fakher Flavors Cappuccino Code 69 Melon Dew Pina Colada Pirates Cave Sex on the Beach Tangerine Dream Blackberry Blueberry Kiwi Strawberry Orange Nakhla Double Apple Pineapple Pomegranate Watermelon Freeze Mixed Berry Blue Mist Guava Melon Blue Raspberry Sweet Melon Tropical White Peach Strawberry Margarita Starbuzz Flavors Gypsy Café © •  All Rights Reserved  • Created by Yanni Specialty Hookahs Girls night out pink, cherry, strawberry Mystical Melons melon dew and blue mist Old Bombay coconut and vanilla, milk base Ice Ice Baby watermelon freeze, white peach, mint, cold ice base Blue Dream guava, orange, mint, blue curacao base Armenian Love lemon, mint, lemonade base Cactus Cooler starbuzz orange, tangerine dream, pineapple with a base of sprite, oj and pineapple juice Miami Nights Tangerine dream, white peach, blue mist, oj base Hello Kitty starbuzz raspberry, vanilla, pineapple, pink. Strawberry, banana juice base  El Cabrón pineapple and watermelon with a pineapple base Nectar of the Gods starbuzz guava, double apple, white grape, red wine base Gypsy’s House Specialty Hookah The smoothest longest lasting hookah in town! Enjoy your favorite flavors served on an Apple On Top Headwith any base mix or wine. Fumari Flavors Ambrosia                                               Spiced Chai                       Blueberry Muffin                  White Peach                             Tropical Punch                           White Gummy Bear Fakhfakhina